PeopleSoft Innovator 2023: Karnataka Bank & Kovaion


Kovaion and Karnataka Bank, together assessed, analyzed, and upgraded the PeopleSoft HCM Application in early 2022. This upgrade involved the Database, PeopleTools, and PUM Image Updates. Kovaion’s Upgrade Specialists team along with the Bank’s IT and HR teams brainstormed and had multiple discussions to enhance end-user experience and reevaluate the customizations to reduce technical debt by isolating the customizations.




Karnataka Bank Limited is a leading ‘A’ Class Scheduled Commercial Bank in India, which was incorporated on February 18th, 1924, at Mangalore, a coastal town of Dakshina Kannada district in Karnataka State. With over 99 years of experience at the forefront of providing professional banking services and quality customer service, Karnataka Bank now has a national presence with 885 Branches spread across 22 States, 2 Union Territories, 8,500 employees, and over 10.21 million customers.


Upgrade Path

A detailed upgrade assessment phase ensued the kick-off of the Upgrade engagement. A detailed demo of new features was given to the customer to align them of the new homepages/navigations and enhanced user experience. The upgrade followed a 4-step path that involved:

  • DB Upgrade from 12c to 19c
  • PeopleTools Upgrade from 8.54 to 8.59.04
  • PUM Image Update from 9 to 40

The primary intent of the Upgrade was to enhance end-user experience and lower the cost of maintenance due to decreased customization.




Personalized (Employee) User Experience

Karnataka Bank took this opportunity to roll out the Fluid User Interface (ESS and MSS) to all its 8500+ employees/managers and administrators. The upgrade team enabled Fluid ESS and MSS homepages and navigations, thereby enabling quicker navigation between different pages. New roles and permissions were also created as part of the Security activities to provide access to the different types of end users in the application.

Fluid homepages helped tremendously with increased end-user productivity and efficiency. For a seamless User interface, the delivered fluid pages and screens were enabled for the end users.

New tiles (Notification/Notice Tile- To share the latest news with the employees, Reports Tile – For quick access to important reports) were created on the Homepage using Navigation Collections for ease of navigation and as a one-click solution.


Reduced Technical Debt with Isolation of Customizations

The process of Upgrade gave Karnataka Bank’s and Kovaion’s team an opportunity to analyze in detail, the customizations done on the 8-year-old application. More than 100 + customizations were identified. Kovaion’s upgrade specialists isolated those customizations by using the latest configuration frameworks, namely Event Mapping, PFC, and Application Engine Plug-ins.

App-Engine Plugins were used in multiple de-customization processes, one of the critical ones namely while updating Performance Documents.

Multiple pages that were customized over the years (to name a few – Absence Pages, Performance Documents) were identified and about 20% of these pages were re-configured using Page Field Configurators. This was the first step to trigger the continued use of configurations to achieve the long-term goal of eased application maintenance and staying current.


Futuristic Impact:

  • Lowered cost of maintenance due to decreased customization and Eased Selective adoption (Effective Lifecycle Management)
  • With the current upgraded application, Kovaion and Karnataka Bank team has been able to ensure the listed key benefits.


Benefits derived from Upgrade

  • Transformed PeopleSoft HCM Application from older version to latest enabling greater Personalized Employee Experience
  • Eliminate invasive customization, thereby reducing customization footprint and technical debt
  • Optimized User experience & Enhanced Operational efficiency
  • Streamlined HR Processes
  • Leveraged Enhanced User Interface and Interaction with Fluid ESS/MSS
  • Reduced Customisations with Event Mapping, Page Field Configurator, App-Engine Plugins, etc.
  • Effective Lifecycle Management

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