Kovaion – first Oracle Boutique partner in India to be part of Oracle CEI

Kovaion becomes the first Oracle Boutique partner in India (APAC region) to be part of the “Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer Program (CEI)“.

About Oracle CEI:

Oracle’s Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) Program identifies, recognizes, and differentiates highly qualified consulting firms that demonstrate ongoing expertise, successful track records, and superior customer satisfaction in Oracle Cloud implementations.

The CEI Program provides a clear and objective view of partner qualifications for implementing Oracle SaaS solutions, and helps customers identify firms that have the necessary training and proven successful track records for the required scope and geography of a project. The ability to identify and engage implementing firms that best align to specific needs maximizes the customer’s potential to experience a successful Oracle Cloud implementation and to realize the maximum potential of Oracle Cloud.


For Customers: ability to clearly identify consulting firms with the skills and ongoing success track records required in a specific scope and geography; maximized opportunity for superior Oracle Cloud implementation experience.

Kovaion is an Oracle commited partner and CEI embarkment nurtures the relationship.
– Oracle

We are excited to be part of Oracle CEI for SaaS Applications. This acknowledgement from Oracle proves our commitment towards successful Implementations with quality driven approach. This program also helped Kovaion to differentiate ourselves as a proven leader in Oracle Cloud implementations.
Megha Talathi, Business Development Manager, Kovaion

Kovaion enables customer to adopt Modern HR cloud applications. CEI program streamlines the process with indepth collabaration.
Siva Sankari, Oracle Cloud Practice Head, Kovaion


For more details about Orale CEI program, please refer Oracle CEI

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