Our Key NetSuite Services

NetSuite for Manufacturing
Our robust NetSuite solution for Manufacturing
NetSuite Financials
Our robust NetSuite solution for Financial Services
NetSuite for IT/ITES Org
Our robust NetSuite solution for IT Services Companies

Kovaion is authorised Oracle NetSuite partner to offer niche services for Manufacturing, Financials and IT/ITES organisations.

  • NetSuite helps high growth social media company Brandwatch scale internationally from 4 to 400 employees.

    Netsuite Oracle Netsuite
  • The World's #1 Cloud Business Software Suite One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM, and ecommerce for more than 40,000 organisations.

    Netsuite2 Oracle Netsuite

NetSuite for Manufacturing

As the world’s #1 cloud business software provider, NetSuite helps thousands of manufacturing organisations like Jawbone, Lytro, and RedBuilt streamline and run their entire business in the cloud.

Manufacturing Needs Customer Benefit
Inventory Control Real-time inventory updates and dashboards
Production Planning Production Planning depending on Demand Planning
Product Availability Available To Promise
Production Control Work Order Control – Production & Assembly lines
Customer Service Real-time updates through CRM Integration
Shipping Management UPS, FedEX, USPS Integration
Financials & Budgeting Real-time postings to Costing & Financials
After Sales Support Support Management & Material Returns Management
Comprehensive, Real-time view of operations Role specific Dashboards


NetSuite Financials

A Single, Powerful Application to Meet the Unique Needs of Financial Service Businesses.

NetSuite’s cloud business management suite, used by more than 40,000 organisations across the globe, enables financial institutions to meet their unique needs with a single, powerful application and proactively balance risk and opportunity across business processes.

CFO/Finance Head Needs Oracle NetSuite Financials gives
Handling Globalization Multiple Currencies, Multiple GAAP/Accounting Practices Support, Global Consolidation
Meet Regulatory Challenges Dynamic tax structures, strict audit norms and stronger governance requirements of local laws
Achieving Operational Excellence cost effective payment processing, on time client invoicing, Automatic reconciliation and tighter control on enterprise assets
Tighter Control on Procurement Visible procurement cycle with strict approval processes & strong vendor management
On-time Client Invoicing & Collections Tighter integration with business facing systems for on-time and error free invoicing, strong collections & dunning process
Liquidity & Capital needs Management Cash position for any given date considering commitments including capital commitments
Stakeholder Management Real-time postings and online analytics. On the fly report generation for stakeholders and auditors
Transformation of Finance Function Cloud based and strong visualization based tool with complete support to financial processes and practices
Comprehensive, Real-time view of operations Role specific Dashboards

NetSuite for IT / ITES Organizations

In an increasingly competitive environment, NetSuite’s ERP and professional services automation (PSA) software can give you a real-time view into opportunities, resources and financials that will let you deliver service engagements that maximise profitability.

Effective resource management is a priority for all professional services executives looking to optimise profit margins, improve billable utilisation, retain top talent and increase client satisfaction.

Challenges facing Software companies?? Oracle OpenAir offers
Mismanaged projects & on time delivery? Detailed project plan controls, project cost management, and project risk and issue tracking, all project details are managed in one place  which ensures Project Delivery on Time and Within Budget
Lack of timely financial reporting? Provides revenue recognition separate from project billing to support exactly how your organization measures profitability.
Messy integrations & multiple customizations issues? Gives a set of tools to manage integrations with CRM, Sales Force Automation (SFA), HR, financial/Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and more.
Getting right analytics with disparate systems/spreadsheets/home grown applications? Provides robust reporting and analytical tools that are integrated across all modules to deliver on-demand, real-time data.
Understanding project success rates & invoice turn around? Enables teams to track detailed cost budgets on a project by project basis. set initial budget forecasts and then track actuals, comparing different scenarios to allow on-the-go visibility of financial performance.
Struggling to identify resources skills & availability? Ensure that the right resources are working on the right projects, based on a real-time project timeline, and as the project evolves. Increase resource utilization and manage and deploy resources to projects based on employee’s skills, interests, experience, and availability.
Ensuring technology investments & get ROI? NetSuite OpenAir’s proven, secure, reliable and scalable Scripting Platform delivers the customization and extensibility you need to make OpenAir your business management platform of choice for your current and future needs.

Our Solution Accelerators

Report Package
Prebuilt Reports Package to meet the customer needs.
Data Management
Data Management solution including Archiving and Masking
Integration KIT
Integration KIT to connect bespoke applications
Testing As A Service
Benefit from Manual and Automated Testing for effecient DevOps

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