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Join us on Tuesday, March 01st 2016 at 11:00 AM GMT (GMT, London-UK) for an informative webinar on “A Game Changing Experience with PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface”.

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Kovaion presents an introduction to Fluid User Interfaces and explains the need for a change from Classic PeopleSoft pages to Fluid based interfaces.

Advent and popularity of handheld devices – tablets and smart cellular phones has increased the demand for classic PeopleSoft applications to display and run on a wide range of mobile devices. The Fluid UI provides users with an Intuitive and responsive user interface optimized across all types of hand held devices. Fluid UI pages accelerates Business Processes within the enterprises thereby saving enormous amount of time.

While some business processes may require adjusting a classic page following a few simple steps to convert it to a Fluid page, few other business processes may need re-consideration and streamlining the data model before conversion.

Join us on this Webinar to get more information on Fluid UI.

Date                      : March 01st, 2016

Time                      : From 11:00 AM GMT(London-UK)

Duration              : 1 hour

Speaker(s)          : Madhur Mohini, Principal Consultant, Kovaion.

Session Focus

  • Introduction to Fluid UI
  • Need for a change to Fluid Pages
  • Business benefits of incorporating/changing classic pages to Fluid pages
  • Considerations/Challenges in using Fluid UI


About Kovaion:

Kovaion Consulting is a Business Transformation and Technology Solutions Partner with clients in UK, Asia Pacific and USA. We specialize in delivering world class IT solutions across industry verticals such as Banking and Financial Services, IT & ITES, Staffing and Manufacturing.

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