Join us for the webinar “Operational excellence with intuitive PT 8.58 Kibana Analytics & Rapid Cloud Deployments” on 14th May 2020 at 3:00 PM IST, to get first hand experience on Kibana and Cloud deployments.

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Oracle has consistently been releasing new features and enhancements to the PeopleSoft application in its successive tools and images versions, latest tools being PT 8.58 (OnCloud/OnPrem) and Image being PUM 33. 

PeopleTools 8.58 has also been “Cloud first delivery”, wherein Oracle released PT 8.58 as a subscription on PeopleSoft Cloud Manager for customers on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Patch 8.58.03 was released for the OnPrem customers in Apr mid-2020. Multiple advantages like Automated Upgrade hold good in using the Cloud Manager subscriptions.

Key highlights of the Webinar include: 

  • Cloud Manager and key features of migration to OCI enabling ease of selective adoption and consumption of quarterly PUMs
  • Rich, exceptional user experience with Kibana and Pivot grid enhancements
  • UI and UX Changes on Fluid and Classic+ Pages
  • Isolation of Customizations with enhancements to Event Mapping and Dropzones

We have proactively installed PT 8.58 on our server, which is available for our customer’s demonstrations.
Excited to understand more about Kibana Visualizations and latest state-of-the-art features. 

Date                     : Thursday, 14th May 2020
Time                     : From 3:00 PM (IST)
Duration              : 30 minutes
Speaker(s)           : Gautam Gunasekhar – PeopleSoft Consultant, Kovaion
Session Focus     : Intuitive PT 8.58 Kibana Analytics & Benefit of Cloud Deployments

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Kovaion Team