Oracle PeopleSoft is a GO-TO HCM application due to its proficiency to be tailored based on the customers’ business processes. The customary approaches to modify the application via Application Designer and PeopleCode has turned to be expensive when customers think of effective Lifecycle Management and uptake of new innovations.

‘AI’ features like Chat-bots / Kibana have been released in the newer versions and every release of PeopleTools and PUM image has an innovative addition. Lifecycle Management is about enabling upgrade and update of the PeopleSoft system with the latest patches and recent releases of PeopleTools / PUM images. Isolation of Customizations play a key role in cost effective lifecycle management. There are a host of features introduced by Oracle PeopleSoft in newer PeopleTools versions that will help you isolate customizations, ease the maintenance of the application and accelerate transformation.

Key highlights of the Webinar include :
a. Effective Lifecycle Management
b. Overview of methodologies of “Isolation of Customizations” via

  • App Engine Plugins
  • Page and Field Configurator
  • Drop Zones
  • Event Mapping Framework

c. Approaches to facilitate heavily customized application ready to consume ‘new-release’ innovative features

Join us in this informative Webinar to understand how Customizations can be isolated and how Kovaion can streamline the customizations with ease for you.

Date                    : Thursday, 25th Jun 2020
Time                   : 3:30 PM (IST)
Duration            : 30 mins
Speaker              : Akash Patil, PeopleSoft Consultant, Kovaion
Session Focus   : Effective Life Cycle Management

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