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Kovaion presents an informative session on PeopleSoft File Integration Framework- introduced with PeopleSoft PUM 18 and advancements in later PUM versions which includes completely fluidized pages, guided process for user assistance in configuration and row level security.

The File Integration Framework that was introduced with PeopleSoft PUM 18 and later progressively advanced in recent versions is now completely built on PeopleSoft Fluid UI.

Using the File Integration Framework in PeopleSoft HCM, users are guided in the process of creation of flat files. It is setup driven and is a configurable framework. SQRs are no longer needed to get customized to integrate and bring in data from the system. The framework significantly reduces the amount of turnaround time to view a test file. By clicking on “Add File Definition,” users can configure file definitions using a step-by-step activity guide. Users can even set row level security for file definitions.

This session focuses on Kovaion’s Experience and Expertise on File Integration Framework.

Date                     : December 11th,Tuesday 2018
Time                     : From 03:30 PM IST
Duration              : 1 hour
Speaker(s)          : Lekshmi Sheela, PeopleSoft Consultant, Kovaion.
Session Focus    : “PeopleSoft File Integration Framework – Introduction, Overview, Business Benefits”.

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