Attract, Recruit & Retain Gen-R Talent

COVID-19 had brought in a whole set of new challenges and multiple generations of workers have evolved through this pandemic by reskilling/upskilling and aligning themselves by getting ready to face the NEW NORMAL.
The pandemic has witnessed the evolution of GEN R. Attracting and retaining the most resilient GEN R employees will be a key challenge posed to multiple organizations now.

Join us in this Webinar to understand how technology can be leveraged to future-proof and provide the best experience to Candidates. The Adaptive intelligence on which the tool is built with, will enable organizations to align with the expectation of GEN R employees.

Key take-aways from Session: 

  • Understanding the GenR needs & embracing new Normal
  • Tools required to attract  GenR Talents
  • Business Benefits of using Internal Talent Marketplace
  • Pilot Showcasing of the application aligned to GenR
  • Kovaion Best Practices & Value adds

Join us in this informative Webinar.

Date                    : Thursday, 09-Jul-2020
Time                   : 3:00 PM (IST)
Duration            : 30 mins
Session Focus   : Rise of GenR & One Platform for all recruitment and HR needs