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Kovaion presents an informative session on beneficial features of Oracle Social and Mobile App

Flaunt your talent & skills to the world through Oracle social app. Oracle social app is a reason for the people to meet online, to grow business opportunities and to get information. Oracle social app is not a platform to be enjoyed by a specific age or section of the society rather it is used widely and has become an instant sensation for the employees around the organization to meet, discuss and share from any place without any hassle.

Oracle Mobile app can provide employees with access to self-service tools. Oracle Mobile app simplifies enterprise mobility giving Employees a complete mobile solution.

Employees can apply absences, set up the calendars, update their personal info, perform their goal tasks etc. On the other hand, Managers can perform the approval tasks, manage their direct reports’ goals, schedule an absence for their direct report etc. Reports and Analytics are available on Oracle Mobile App for quicker decision making.


Date                                   : March 06th, 2018

Time                                   : 03:30 PM – 04:30 PM IST

Duration                            : 1 hour

Speaker(s)                          : Nazma Chilakala, Consultant, Kovaion.

Session Focus                    : Introduction, Business Benefits, Limitations, Best Practices.

For queries or more details, email us on events@kovaion.com mentioning your full name, designation, company name, address, and contact numbers.

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