One of the key features of PeopleSoft over the years has been the ability to customize and tailor the system per the user’s needs. With the release of PUM and quick succession of latest images being released, it becomes increasingly challenging to uptake new features and increasingly expensive to maintain customizations.

Over the last few releases, PeopleSoft has identified and introduced interesting ways to minimize invasive customizations/isolate customizations, of which AppEngine Plugins were introduced in PeopleTools 8.58.

In the latest PeopleTools release 8.58, PeopleSoft allows us to configure (create/modify) an application engine program through PeopleTools. There was no such configuration of application engine till PeopleTools 8.57, but with the release of PeopleTools 8.58, there is a configuration page where we can configure an Application Engine action plug-in to alter the SQL or PeopleCode actions of any Application Engine program.

Modified SQL or PeopleCode action of any application Engine Program is executed at runtime only. This feature helps in modifying code without customizing the actual application engine program.

To configure Application Engine below are the steps:

  1. Create or identify the existing application engine which has SQL/PeopleCode action through application designer
  2. Open Application Engine Plugin Page in PIA (Navigation: Main Menu > People Tools > Application Engine > AE Action Plugin)

  1. Select the Application Engine (Identified in step 1) by providing the application engine name in the Program Name Field and click on search

Below are the list of fields and their details:

Enabled: This is a checkbox field, when checked it enable or activate the specific row configuration.

Section: This a dropdown field. This field will list all the sections (that has SQL and PeopleCode) present in the application engine which has been selected in the search page. Select the section from the list which you plan to customize.

Step: This a dropdown field. Once the section is selected, Step field will be enabled, and the user can select the Step involved in the section selected.

Action: This is dropdown field. Once Step is selected the Action field will be enabled. Only PeopleCode and SQL will show up (that can be modified).

Plugin Name: This is a prompt field which contains all the application engine names. User has to select the application engine name for which he needs to run before, after or replace the action of selected application engine in search page.

For Example: If user has selected “Test1” Application engine and “step 1 PeopleCode” and if he wants to run “Test2” Application engine’s PeopleCode or SQL before, after or want to replace the step then “Test 2” application engine name need to be selected as PlugIn Name.

Note: In Plugin Name User can select the same application engine as Program Name.

After the Application Plugin is selected, the section field, step field and action field of the plugin will be enabled for selection.

Mode: There are three modes available in this dropdown. After, Before and Replace

  1. Before – If user want to run the new action before the existing action of application engine.
  2. After – If user want to run the new action after the existing action of application engine and before the run of next action of program name.
  3. Replace – If User want to replace the new action with the existing action of application engine.

Order Within Mode – This Field is used as sequence number. If User uses multiple plug in using same mode of Same Section of same step and same action, then Order Within Mode is used to identify the sequence in which the program will executed.

Note: This field is not required if user selects different action of same step and section.

Below is the error if Order within Mode is not selected

Below is the screenshot with the Order Within mode selected/

Description: This is optional field to provide the notes like the developer comments in PeopleCode.

Note: User can select SQL or PeopleCode plugin action for SQL or PeopleCode program action.

Program Name – Application Engine Plugin Name – Application Engine
SQL People code
People code SQL
People code People code


  1. Any user with PTPT1000 permission list can modify the application engine
  2. It is an easy methodology, if a user wants a small change temporarily. User can add the details and enable when they need it and disable if the work is done.
  3. If user want to replace or skip some SQL or PeopleCode, they can just give a blank SQL or PeopleCode name from a different Plugin Name.
  4. PeopleSoft has always given capabilities to customize the application and that ability has proven difficult during upgrades. With this isolation, maintenance and upgrades becomes simpler.
  5. User can re-use the same SQL or PeopleCode plug-in action multiple times for different Application Engine programs


  1. PTPT1000 Permission list is required to access the component and page
  2. Ensure State Record, Temporary Record, PeopleCode variables that are required by the plugged-in action is made available from the configured Application Engine program.
  3. User cannot define a plug-in for the Application Engine action that is already been used as a plug-in.

Author –
Ankit Agarwal,
PeopleSoft Team
Kovaion Consulting

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