Kovaion partners with Dell Boomi to accelerate HR digital transformation in Cloud Business process Integration and hybrid IT landscape.

About Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi, a business unit acquired by Dell in 2010, specializes in cloud-based integration, API management, Master Data Management, Workflow Automation, ETL. Dell Boomi PaaS AtomSphere integrates cloud and on-premise applications, flawlessly supports all integration patterns and helps to reduce cost as compared to traditional integrations. The platform enables users to leverage existing technology investments, and thrive in the digital era.

For more details about Dell Boomi, please visit Boomi

Kovaion Consulting, a global HR Transformation organisation provides services on Oracle product, today announced its partnership with Dell Boomi. The partnership will help to accelerate HR digital transformation in Cloud Business process Integration and simplify REST API’s, building POC’s and data sources across hybrid IT landscape.

In partnership with Dell Boomi, Kovaion’s customers will have following benefits:

  • Automated business processes and normalized data across applications
  • Reduce the Implementation risk with other cloud & on premise applications
  • Seamless integration will help in improving the customer/user experience
  • Synchronization & consolidation of data across applications
  • Broad set of connectors to enable integration between any combination of application.

Kovaion is building the right capabilities on Dell Boomi with a dedicated trained & certified team to do the necessary integrations. Medium, Small & Large enterprises can look towards Kovaion Dell Boomi’s expertise to address their unique business needs & access the right methodology for integration with a fraction of time. Kovaion will continue to focus on streamlining the enterprise cloud application and on- premise platforms with Dell Boomi’s iPAAS features.