Employee Snapshot – A Concise preview for Managers

The Employee Snapshot feature enables managers To view and analyse data of an individual employee by using dashboards and tiles within the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface pages. One stop solution [...]

Approvals on the Go

Approval workflow is the distinctive designer to configure Approval Framework without writing any code. In traditional approaches, one needs to create different pages or components to present [...]

Dynamic impact of Internet of Things (IoT) in HR

The year 2019 is so exciting with a rapid pace of change in technology and transformative development. According to a research, Consumers bought more than 45 million wearable devices and fitness [...]

Deep Dive into PeopleSoft Questionnaire Framework

Many organizations use questionnaires in various ways to collect & analyse data from users like surveys, quiz, assessment and many more for different purposes. Introduced in HCM PUM 29, [...]