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HRIS System – Taleo Implementation

November 26, 2015

On behalf of Primus Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd, we extend a sincere thank you to Harish and team from Kovaion in implementing the HRIS system — Taleo. The efforts put in by Kovaion were outstanding! We were able to benefit from the technical and operational excellence that Harish brings from his prior experience at Oracle in terms of the product knowledge. His integrated solution tailored to the product — Taleo and the processes provided optimal efficiency during the implementation.

The successful implementation of the Taleo — recruitment and onboarding was a pivotal piece at Primus Global. Kovaion understood our problem area and designed the implementation better than our expectations.  

We look forward to working with Kovaion again in the future!

Chandra M. Kanuru
Head – Staffing, Primus Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Read the complete press release – Primus Global Technologies Appreciation

The Success Story has been published at Oracle Site. 

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